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Trifyllianika — Paleochora

The old path from Trifyliianika to Paleochora is considered one of the best walking paths of Kythera. An amazing path full of trees, herbs, and bushes that you will need on average 1 hour to go and of course another hour to return. The starting point is from the canyon of Trifyllianika ( follow the signs) and of course the finish line is in the former capital of the island , the abandoned village of Paleochora. Trifyllianika is one of the nicest small villages of the island, in the north part right next to Potamos. Paleochora on the other hand is in a magnificent location, a place full of history that built in the 12th century, that nonetheless has been abandoned when the city was destroyed in 1537 by Admiral of the Turkish fleet Hayreddin Barbarossa, the so-called «black menace» of the sea, who  massacred many inhabitants, burned and ravaged the once vibrant capital city which was not to be ever inhabited again. In Paleochora you will be able to see the Canyon of Kakia Laggada that has been used by Barbarossa in 1537.

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