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Where to stay in Kythera

One of the Ionian islands, but positioned just south of the Peloponnese, Kythira is an island less travelled. Sure, it’s well set up for visitors, but it’s not as popular as the beauty of its beaches and the variety of its attractions . So its reputation is of being secluded and relaxing – just like its beaches. The best places to stay in Kythira tend to be fairly unassuming too – the atmosphere is very laid back. And because it has mythological connections to the goddess Aphrodite, Kythira is also known of as a romantic island.

The best places to stay in Kythira are presented in the following lines:

South Part:

Chora is Kythira’s main town, built on a hill almost at the island’s southern tip and overlooking Kapsali . One of the must visit sights on Kythira is the Venetian built Castle of Chora, with its strategic, and beautiful view of the Aegean and Cretan Sea. Chora is probably the best place to stay on Kythira if you’re looking for elegant surrounds with plenty of options when it comes to bars and cafe. The backdrop is improved by Chora’s Venetian built mansions, and some charming Byzantine churches. However the lack of good tavernas, and most importantly the very limited accommodation options in the south part of Kythera makes it a less popular option in the last few years, as the other parts of the island give better options.

East part:

Diakofti with the best sandy beach of Kythera, the traditional village of Avlemonas that looks like a Cycladic village, with its whitewashed buildings and striking backdrop. The island’s largest beach, Paleopoli, is just a stroll away, and Kaladi beach the most popular and picturesque beach of Kythera is very close indeed.

Very good tavernas , very nice beaches, elegant accommodation. Approximately 30 minutes from the south part of the island and 15 minutes from the central part.

North Part:

The villages of Agia Pelagia, Potamos, Karavas. One of the nicest parts of Kythera. The advantage of this area is the good and relatively cheap accommodation options. Approximately 30 minutes from the south part of the island and 15 minutes from the central part.

Central Part:

The villages of Aroniadika, Mylopotamos, Mitata, Perlegkianika are probably considered as the most characteristic villages of Kythera. Traditional villages, very good accommodation options, but the most important advantage of this part of the island is that everything is very close, 5-15 minutes to go to any part of the island. Of course this part of the island gives you more space and privacy. Also you will find the best tavernas and café of the island in the center. The disadvantage is the lack of sea view and of course the fact that you will need about 15 minutes in order to go to the beach.

All in all you have plenty of options. Every part of the island has interesting sightseeings, and beaches. Therefore you need to visit the whole island. If we have to suggest only one part of Kythera that would be the central part of Kythera. This is the most characteristic and more convenient part with very good accommodation options.

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