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Α romantic Pic-Nic

Very often I suggest to Filoxenes Katoikies visitors to prepare some food and go out in the nature to eat. A romantic escape, a pic-nic. Of course since you are on holidays you can always buy food from the nearest tavern and just go. Today I will suggest the ideal places for a romantic picnic in Kythera. Viaradika and the water springs of Ai Giannis ( Aι Γιαννης) : An amazing landscape , the canyon of the area and the village of Mitata along with the cement table and the water spring is just a place that I love to eat. Trifyllianika Village: At the end of the village there is a small path that will lead you to the canyon of Trifyllianika. The place is just amazing. You will feel right away the energy of the place. A nice table made of cement is the ideal place to enjoy your food. Karavas Watersprings: After you pass the water spring of Amir Alis, following the small river , almost in the end of the path on your left is a lovely area with the second water spring with a cement table. Mitata Water spring : Lovely spot, with the view of Viaradika and the canyon o the area. You will able to see where in the past years ( sometimes even now) people used to wash carpets.

Generally a romantic escape, a pic-nic in the nature is one of the nicest activities in Kythera even in August. You will always find a quiet place to relax and have a nice lunch with your partner.  Have a great time.

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