Kýthera’s honey is probably the best in Greece. Tourists leave the thyme-clad island with jars of honey in their luggage. It is believed that it had been the Minoans who taught bee-keeping to the Kytherians. Apart from the prevailing type of thyme tea, erica (white heath) tea is made here too.

Wine of Kythera is also considered one for the best products you will find in the island. In the Winery of Manolis in Tsikalaria, you will have the chance to taste local wine and learn how Kytherians use to produce wine. In this small museum you will have the chance to buy wine.

Fatourada is a local drink with amazing sweet taste given from honey and cinnamon.

The Kytherian olive oil also considered as one of the island’s agricultural products. During the atumn and winter, locals are gathering the olives. Most of the Kytherian families have olive trees and producing their olive oil

In many places in Kythera you will be able to buy Kytherian sweets. The most popular are Rozedes and diples.

Enjoy in the restaurants our local food and recipes. In Kythera we are quite proud for our restaurnats and local recipes.

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