The Best Café in Kythera

Astikon: The most popular coffee shop of the island was established in 1908. Here, in “Astikon” you will enjoy a cup of coffee, a soda or a cocktail. You will taste a variety of appetizers, accompanied with ouzo, or tsipouro (a type of local alcoholic beverage), sweets, and a variety of ice-cream flavours. Events with poetry and music, movie projections and art exhibits. You are at the central meeting point of the island!

Vanilla is an excellent option in the south part of the island in Kapsali! Taste a pancake with ice-cream and the Special Chef pancake. Also, a special choice is the “Vanilla” ice-cream with strawberry, peanut, season fruits, roasted almonds and home made whipped cream.

Fos Fanari: In Kythira town, in the central square of Chora, a lovely café with amazing view of the castle and the sea, is considered as one of the best options. Café, bar, creperie, Fos Fanari is the perfect place to relax from the morning till very late.

Arachtopolion: In the lovely 2nd bay of Avlemonas, Arachtopolion is just the café that combines excellent music, lovely sea view, and lovely homemade sweets.

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