kaladi, καλαδί, κύθηρα

A beach that should not to be missed when visiting the island: with crystal clear turquoise waters and greyish pebbles, the beach of Kaladi is one of the most beautiful ones. It is located in the eastern part of the island, close to Paleópolis. A dirt road and 120 steps will take you down to it. Don’t expect to find a beach bar so be well-prepared for the event of hunger or thirst.


kythera,παλαιόπολη, κυθηρα

The largest beach of Kythera in the east side of the island. Even during August is quiet and peaceful there. You will find sand and stones in this lovely beach. Towards Avlemonas you will find canteen and umbrellas.


melidoni, kythera,  μελιδόνι, κυθηρα

Clear waters and sand with small pebbles, in combination with a spectacular view overlooking Chytra. Visitors will find a canteen in which beach parties are organized day and night. This small creek is located in the southwestern part of the island and it is accessible by car through the dirt road for Drymona.


melidoni, μελιδόνι

With pebbles and fine turquoise waters, this popular beach lies a few kilometers away from Kálamos. It is well organised, with canteens and a spacious car park.

Fyrí Ámmos in Kalamos

fyri ammos, kythera, κυθηρα, φυρή άμμος

There are two beaches with this name on the island. If you must choose which one to visit, we would suggest the one located just outside the village of Kálamos. Awarded for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters, the beach is a popular attraction. Its being well organised contributes to that.


lagada, kythera, κυθηρα, λαγκάδα

Another Blue Flag award winner, this very well organised beach is also known for the “Barbarossa Days” (pirate games) i.e. a beachvolley tournament. This is the place for relaxed swimming with a view towards the coast of the Peloponnese. Also known for its beach bar and summer parties.


kalami, kythera, κύθηρα, καλάμι

In the west coast and a few kilometres after Mylopotamos you will see this amazing sandy beach. A small bay that you will find and reach with great difficulty. It would be wise to ask the locals for directions. However, is not easily accessible and if you have health problems it would be better to avoid it.


σπαραγαρίο, sparagario, kythira

In the south part of Kythera and very close to Kapsali bay, you will find one of the most characteristic sandy beaches of the island. Very popular especially in the past decades for nudists, this beach is accessible from Kapsali, by sea only, or after following a small dirty road and then following some steps. Definitely it worths the effort.


Furni, beach, kythira,κυθηρα, παραλία, κύθηρα

Clear waters and greyish pebbles form an idyllic landscape that offers peace and relaxation. Indulge in the deep blue of the sea and the beautiful music coming from the nearby canteen (jazz, soul etc.) and let your mind travel along.


Kythera, Κύθηρα

As if it came out of a fairy tale featuring pirates and heroes, the beach seems to be made in heaven. White sand and shallow waters make it ideal for children of all ages. Visitors will find many tavernas with fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes. The shipwreck “Navagio”; a popular tourist attraction, is not far from here either.


kobonada, kythira, κυθηρα, κομπονάδα

In the east part of the island, very easily accessible, Komponada is popular for the crystal clear waters. One of the largest beaches in Kythera, has been orgnaised in the last few years.

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