Access – Schedules

Car/ Bus / Ferry Boat

To reach Kythira by car you must first drive to the port of Neapoli or Gythio located on the mainland of Greece. From Neapolis  there are regular daily ferries to  Kythera. From Gytheion, there is a weekly boat every Thursday. From Piraeus every Wednesday and Friday, and from Crete three times a week.


To reach the island by air there are daily flights from the Athens airport to Kythira. The flight takes about 50 minutes and the only companies that operates are Olympic Airlines and Sky Express.


Download here the schedules plan for the ferries, planes e.t.c travelling toy Kythera.


Useful phones

KTEL Inter City Bus (Athens to Neapoli): +30 210 5124913
Airport of Kythira: +30 27360 33292
Port of Gythion: +30 27330 22262
Port of Naples: +30 27340 22228
Port of Agia Pelagia Kythira: +30 27360 33280
Port of Diakofti Kythira: +30 27360 34222

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