KYTHERA AND COVID-19: Is Kythira a safe destination ?

It is an extremely difficult time for all of us, there is great concern about what will happen both in our daily lives, and in our professional environment. Every day, most of us are informed about what is happening around the world, and developments are definitely depressing.

Could we be optimistic? The answer is yes and in the next few weeks we will know more. However, there is already some data :

–  Hotels and rented apartments will start operating on June in Greece.
– Of course, different rules and frameworks should be set in the tourism sector, both in accommodation and catering.
– Airlines are already considering a number of measures to address the crisis. Logic says that foreign flights will be allowed, but from countries that have shown that they are effective in dealing with the virus.

According to a recent article by Professor of Infectious Diseases Professor Pavlos Nikolaidis , swimming in both swimming pools and sea water will be safe. As he points out in a recent article in the greek portal “PROTO THEMA”, “nor has it been found, nor can it be theoretically said that there is a potential risk of swimming in the sea or swimming pool. But what needs to be avoided is overcrowding on beaches and sunbeds.

Kythera, according to several articles published in recent weeks, is one of the safest destinations. In my opinion, this is relevant and it is  given that both the Municipality of Kythira and the companies should take a series of tough measures. Filoxenes Katoikies have decided that we will move as follows :

– Frequent Disinfections
– Use of mask and gloves by all employees
– Wash all linen covers and towels at 90 c
– Quick Check in – Check out and therefore less contact with the visitor.
– Every other measure that will be asked from the Greek government.

For those who don’t know, Kythera is an island of 280 square kilometers, which ranks it among the largest islands in Greece. It consists of 36 beaches, most of which are not organized. Even in the good years of tourism, the beaches of Kythera were not suffocatingly full. You can always find a beach that is less crowded. In addition,  this year we expect a serious reduction in arrivals, and therefore the visitors of Kythera will be able to choose a beach that will give them the sense of security. It also consists of 60 villages, smaller or larger, which gives our visitor a wide range of options.

Filoxenes Katoikies consist of selected small properties. At the beginning of our course we have decided to choose properties with the following characteristics:

–  High Quality
–  Privacy / Security
– Tranquility

Especially now that the trend after Covid -19 shows a clear preference to small properties Filoxenes Katoikies seem to be the ideal option for your holidays . We are all obliged to implement what we will be asked from the Greek Government to ensure the safety of our visitors.

I want to believe that with the participation of the state and the Municipality of Kythera, the island of Kythera will be one of the safest destinations. Until then, let us remain optimistic and work hard to harmonize with what will be asked and achieve our goal to offer our guests a lovely and safe holiday experience.

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