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Photography Exhibition

of Christou Palamidi


Opening: Monday 8 July at 20: 00

Duration: 7/8 to 25/7

The painter Christos Palamedes travels us with his photos in a world of magic, dreamy and sometimes putting aside the hard reality and seeking answers to universal existential questions.

His photographs it is processed with the logic of a painting and the lyrics – the poet Peter Lygizoy captions, written especially for the projects, complete and identical with the meaning of the works.

He says that his works are: ” For all the hidden symbols that spring dance smartly in my ” life time Summers.

“Follow your art gallery” Kapsali,

Open hours: Every night: 08: 00-12: 00

FOLLOWYOUR ART, Georgia: kapsali Kythira Tseri, Tel: 6973639044

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