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    Bridge of Katouni

    Built in 1826, it is the largest bridge ever built in Europe by the British, sustained by 13 arches and 12 symmetrical galleries

  • Fava’s Oil Press

    In 1880 Panayioti Kastrisios “FAVAS” returned to Kythera from Smyrna and settled in the family home in Mitata.

  • Saint John the Cliff

    Τhe small chapel of Agios Ioannis “ the Cliff” is in the south part of the island , in the area of Kapsali at an altitude of 100m .

  • Cave of Saint Sofia

    The cave of Saint Sofia is one of the three known caves in the area of Kythera. The other two, are in Kalamos and Agia Pelagia.

  • Paleochora Κythera

    Paleochora, known also as Agios Dimitrios, with its 13th century buildings, was the island’s Byzantine capital

  • Watermills

    In the picturesque village of Milopotamos follow the sign to Fonissa Waterfall. The water drops from a height of 20 m. and ends in a big pond.

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    The Monastery of Myrtidia

    In the south west part of Kythera, and after following a very interesting route, you will face the most important monastery of Kythera

  • Venetian Castle of Chora

    The Venetian castle or “Fortezza”, a fortress from the 13th century, stands imposingly over the capital Chora.

  • Chytra Island in Kythera

    One of the most impressive parts of the island is the skerry of Chytra located at a short distance across the harbor of Kapsali


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  • Where to stay in Kythera

    One of the Ionian islands, but positioned just south of the Peloponnese, Kythira is an island less travelled. Sure, it’s…

  • Saint John the cliff

    Τhe small chapel of Agios Ioannis “ the Cliff” is in the south part of the island , in the…

  • Rent a bicycle

    Tour the island, feel the nature of Kythera, smell the odor of the flowers and the thyme, or even go…

  • Sunset in Kythera

    Ι must admit that sunset in Kythera has not been advertised in the past. Nonetheless there are amazing, quiet spots…

  • Α romantic Pic-Nic

    Very often I suggest to Filoxenes Katoikies visitors to prepare some food and go out in the nature to eat….

  • Trifyllianika – Paleochora

    The old path from Trifyliianika to Paleochora is considered one of the best walking paths of Kythera. An amazing path…

  • Easter Offer

    EASTER OFFER  2014 Periods   3 days (3 nghts-4days) 4 days (4nghts -5days) 5 days (5nghts-6days) Periods 18/4 – 21/4…

  • A fighting live in the heart of Potamos

    Theodore Mavrogiwrgis (guitar, vocals) and Antonis Chatzikostantis (keyboards, vocals) in a “MACHITIKO”LIVE in the heart of Potamos. Τheodore Mavrogiorgis ,…

  • Kytherian Rhapsody

    Live music Monday-Tuesday: 8/7-9/7 and 15/7-16/7, at the café Arachtopolio in Avlemonas, Kythera. A newly formed band from Kythera is…